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I'm Katrena!



As a Life Transition Coach, I believe that change and transitions must be instigated by taking actions. I believe that transitions cause more psychological stress because they force us to end what's familiar and begin a new life in unchartered territory.  When this happens, and you don't adapt quickly in the eyes of those around you, you are told that it's something wrong and you need "fixing".  You don't need fixing, you may need to learn new ways of moving forward in your newness. Remember, it's easy to give advice to others until death or a life altering moment comes to your home unannounced and unwanted.


Whether you have suffered a loss long ago or recently, I can provide you with new tools that can help you live again and rediscover life.  I am honored to walk through the journey of grief with you.

The first and toughest step is to reach out.  I've got you from that point.


I'm committed to helping you rediscover life after loss!

How can I help you transition into your New Normal?

"Unfinished grief can settle in your soul because we don’t talk about it.  It’s tough, but growth comes by taking small intentional steps."


Do's and Don'ts of Supporting Others During Grief?

Myths of Grief.

Coming soon.

Faith Crisis During Loss.

Coming soon.

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. Grief is a universal experience yet, it is one of the most least talked about topics in our culture. What can I do to help during those times?

In our childhood years we learn very little about how to handle death and loss.  We are taught to move on, stay busy, to be strong for others and be patient because time heals. Is that effective?

During times of loss and uncertainty, friends and family will share stories of faith because it has helped them during those times. If you are like me, there are times when you question your faith and next steps.

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